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RuneScape Recipe for Disaster

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NameRecipe for Disaster
Quest Points10
RequirementsAgility: 48, Cooking: 70, Firemaking: 20, 175 Quest Points
Rewards Item(s)
Required Quests
Starting NPCCook
Starting LocationLumbridge
Rewards10 Quest Points, 10k Agility Exp, 28k Cooking Exp, 3.5k Crafting Exp, 1k Farming Exp, 1000 Fishing Exp, 4000 Hit Points Exp, 2500 Magic Exp, 1500 Ranging Exp, 1000 Slayer Exp, 1500 Woodcutting Exp, Ability to make Spicy Stew, Ability to Cast Teleport to Ape Atoll, Ability to Cook Stuffed Snake, Access to Monkey Agility Course, Access to Mogre Camp, Ability to Craft Crab Claw and Crab Helmet, Ability to hunt Jubbly Birds, Access to Evil Chicken's Lair, Access to Culinaromancer's Chest
DescriptionThis truly epic quest begins with the Cook in Lumbridge and requires you to gather him a ton of materials, which boils down into many separate sub-quests.

If anyone would like to submit a detailed spoiler for this quest please email it to and we'll get it posted to our site.


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