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RuneScape Ava's Accumulator

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NameAva's Accumulator
RequirementsRanged: 50
Reward From QuestAnimal Magnetism
DescriptionThis is an arrow creating backpack.


wrong! <2007-11-20 03:59:33>
HI <Guest>RANGED LVL: 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

<2007-12-27 03:03:24>
your wrong <Guest>it is 50 ranged , as he stated.

no he's not <2008-01-27 05:20:08>
galak fyarr <Guest>actually, the UPGRADED version is lvl 50 ranging, I'm lvl 42 ranging and I have one...

avas accumulator <2008-02-24 01:46:14>
nooblet <Guest>yer....normal 1 is at 40 range and upgraded is at 50 ...

<2008-06-17 00:52:07>
<Guest>isnt it supposed 2 "retrieve " ur arrows?

<2009-01-26 04:52:41>
yomama <Guest>the normal one picks up arrows automatically as long as nothing is in the way... the upgraded one does the same thing except it creates a steel arrow in your quiver every 3 minutes or so... normal can be obtained at lvl 40 and upgraded at lvl 50... hope this helps.. =]

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