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RuneScape Draugen

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ClassQuest Monster
Member Only?Yes
Related Quest(s)
Description- Don't over use the tally or it will change location. Keep a calm head and keep an eye out for a grey butterfly. When you find it, the draugen is there and all you gotta do is click the tally and it will appear or change location, but just try again.


draugen <2007-05-14 15:38:54>
tanza <Guest>were can i find draugen in relekka???

draugen <2007-10-06 22:45:44>
charlie <Guest>yeah where is it?

draugen <2007-12-24 17:42:51>
rowan <Guest>where i can find draugen

draugen <2008-02-19 01:49:22>
person <Guest>where is the draugen!?!?!? I've been following this talisman for 4 hours straight and I can't find it anywhere!

Draugen <2008-02-21 03:08:44>
EvilDaVella <Guest>Were is he ppl add me on rs evilriders

fghfgjh <2008-07-15 04:19:28>
fgh <Guest>where is it!!!!! 2days searchin!!!!!!

druagen <2008-07-20 04:52:40>
im a noob <Guest>wtf are all use stupid go near the workman the draugen is there

draugen <2008-07-31 03:11:39>
thomas <Guest>omfg i cant find taht draugen ive looked everywere

this is how yo find him <2008-08-15 17:35:52>
510 blade <Guest>press it 5 times then log out when you log back in he should be there

HELP!!! <2009-03-26 04:13:57>
Captainhalo6 <Guest>Can some1 help me ive been searching for days and i get confused add me captainhalo6

i ned help <2009-03-31 04:35:07>

<2009-04-09 16:35:45>
blabla <Guest>i found it in 3 mins :) Name : felgie

draugen <2009-04-21 06:35:12>
dj dude 360 <Guest>where the hell is it! help me! names dj dude 360

i found it <2009-04-23 06:17:07>
omg <Guest>guys i found it i know where i username is the one 1378

i know where it is <2009-04-23 06:17:07>
add me =P <Guest>everyone if u want me 2 help u add me and meet me in camelot but i can&#039;t kill it

... <2009-04-26 02:17:01>
recon5000 <Guest>guys its not in one place it moves around...

draugen <2009-07-10 04:48:05>
druidd10 <Guest>cant find it

help <2009-07-31 11:19:24>
father hope8 <Guest>i cant find it where is it

<2009-08-28 01:34:03>
expo titan <Guest>its not in a certain place noobs it moves maybe if you read youd be able to find out that it says the draugen has moved else where

answer <2009-11-04 01:11:18>
lol <Guest>guys, just move fast and every other second locate and follow it harshly it took me a few hours to get the hang of it, so i logged on a few months later and sped over to kill it lol

omg heres a tip <2009-11-06 22:16:32>
FOUND_IT <Guest>k heres a tip dont over use the tally or it will change location, keep a calm head and keep an eye out for a grey butterfly.... when u find it the draugen is there and all u gotta do is click the tally and it will appear or change loction but just try again. remember grey butter fly and dont over use and u will find it easy

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